Evolve with Depth Psychology
Navigate life with insight on how you work. Recurring themes? The planets, signs, angles give telling clues. The birth chart is a starting place to discern beliefs and inner dynamics.

Free Will
‘All of you have the chance to be the hero or heroine in your own life, but the big question is, “Will you pick up the sword?” Whether or not you will do this isn’t shown in the chart.’ -Richard Idemon, Astrologer

Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding the personality. The insight can help us accomplish goals and lifelong dreams. There is no good or bad charts, planets, or signs. Everyone has issues or hard times, as cosmic synchronicity, transits, progressions may indicate. We explore the connection between your present, past, and bring unconscious patterns to light. You can heal and improve your life.

Unique Astrology Work 
I facilitate a-ha’s, self-compassion, integration of the challenges within. We look at astrological undercurrents—archetypes, tendencies specific to you—so you can ride them in clarity. We will discuss possibilities that working with planetary energies can bring. The result is a resonance and a sense of direction in you.

90 minute AstroPsychology Session, written notes + recording: $120  Small Buy Now Button*

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