Lovingkindness Meditation

Lovingkindness is a mouthful. The masters use the concept to teach and spread compassion and love. When I stretch each morning, I say my lovingkindness prayer.  It slows me down and puts me in a meditative state. I have modified this meditation to my liking.

A prayer wakes the heaven.

A prayer wakes the heaven.

As I sit on the floor and pull my toes toward my chest, I say silently, sometimes out loud:

May I be safe.
May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I live with ease.

Then I pray for:

People I love  my beloveds at home (by name), my parents and ancestors (adding, may the ancestors go toward and bath in the Light), my extended families, friends, and colleagues.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you live with ease.

People I’m neutral toward – the shop keepers, the homeless, the mailman, those who suffer in sickness and war…

[Say the phrases above, May you be safe…]

People I dislike – those who lie, abuse, wage wars, poison our air…

[Say the phrases above, May you…]

Our environment – the sun, moon, earth, water, air, every plant and living being on this planet.

As I let go of the tension in my back, we let go of the tension in Mother Earth:  
May we be safe.
May we be happy.
May we be healthy.
May we live with ease and PEACE.

Over time, this meditation has softened my heart. Try it. See if it increases goodwill and gratitude toward yourself and all beings in the Universe. Even when they mess with you.

Please share what meditation or prayers work for you too.

My favorite music for meditation, it also relaxes many people when I give Reiki (with samples).

More on meditation from Sharon Salzberg, a well-know teacher, author:

2 thoughts on “Lovingkindness Meditation

  1. Shirley Hershey Showalter

    I love this meditation, Sue. I first encountered lovingKindness when I took my first meditation class while on sabbatical, living in Chapel Hill, NC. I loved it.

    My current practice is to read from two short daily meditations and to sit in silence with the names of those whose concerns have come to my attention in some way. My children and family, of course, and others in need.

    I like the final round of your lovingkindness. I may need to include it in my own.

    1. Sue Wang Post author

      It’s so wonderful to hear how others meditate. I like that you read first to quiet down. I may try that since I tend to get distracted. I love spreading the lovingkindness to the cosmos and all on Earth as a conclusion for the meditation -an offering for everyone/thing.

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