We are all cut from a different cloth. Get insight from an expert, not app or website fortune cookie labels. Consult with Sue, honor your personal style as you handle different approaches from others. This is a valuable life skill.

Based on Jungian typology, the MBTI has been widely used and misused. Not a test, it’s a survey to understand the personality via preferences: how you direct energy when engaging the world, how you perceive information, make decisions, and go about life or projects. (BTW, Carl Jung was an astrologer.)

I interpret the MBTI for years in career counseling and team building. The typing isn’t for pigeonholing people or predicting abilities. It works more like, if you are right-handed, you write well with that hand because of practice. If you need to write with the left hand you can, but with awkwardness. We can ‘do’ both functions. We just have a preference to use one over the other.

Type development
We evolve. As we grow older, we develop our ‘inferior’ or least preferred function. We will always be the type we are born with, but we’ll become more interested in using ‘the other side.’

MBTI consultation, includes verifying your ‘Best Fit’ type, and more resources. $120 MBTI Consult *

*Once payment is received, I will contact you to schedule a time. So looking forward to this!


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