An honor to work with you

Examples of how energy psychology work can benefit people. Please keep seeking within and get help if needed. Much love, Sue

“…your words definitely heal, this is the true gift of your work, Reiki healers there are a dime a dozen, but your words and pictures are unique and shift perspectives and give hope and shift self concept. Very unique and valuable feature of your work.”

-Mary M., Los Angeles, CA

“A birth chart is a complexity of numbers, degrees and planetary angles. Only one who studies astrology in depth can ever make sense of this profound and fascinating blueprint of our character, our familial traits, our purpose in this life derived from our place in the universe. With a clear sense of the psychology of human behavior coupled with a wealth of spiritual study, Sue Wang is gifted and immensely adept at tuning into personal strengths, challenges, timely situations, connecting these aspects to identify individual purpose and fulfillment. Her emotional healing background in Reiki as well enables her to decipher our bodies inner messages that we often overlook or misread in ourselves. Having a consultation with Sue is truly an uplifting experience; her peaceful and articulate manner, her wise sage, she is an extremely helpful guide. Her work is powerful and lasting.”

-Malia Cote, Balboa, CA


“Sue Wang is a highly intuitive and expert Reiki practitioner who has helped me enormously on the energetic as well as physical levels. She is also a gifted psychological astrologer with extraordinary insight. I especially appreciate her follow-up after each session, including dream work. Most of all, I’m grateful for Sue’s blend of warmth and conscientiousness, leading to healing, rest, and inner growth.”

-Gail Storey, Author, Boulder, CO


“I have recently experienced a series of distance energy work sessions with Sue and I must say that I am really impressed. I am a healer with 15 years of experience and I work with psychics and healers all the time and I have rarely experienced such powerful and immediate shifts in my physical and emotional being as when working with Sue. I was suffering from a very extreme case of water retention, so much so that I could not wear shoes and I was having difficulty breathing from how swollen my abdomen was. I knew however that this was not a physical issue, but an emotional one, as I was going through a lot of stress in my life. Sue worked on all my chakras and sent me notes as to what she saw. She released a lot of water through my system connected to my inner child and she also removed some negative influences from my aura, adrenals and thyroid. Within days the swelling went down to almost nothing. I had been working on this issue on off for about a year and various healer friends had tried to assist me, but nothing had shifted. The shift with Sue’s work was almost immediate.

I also found Sue’s words and energy very healing and comforting in their own right. She is a very thoughtful, considerate and loving being and my inner self relaxed immediately around her energy, which I am feel is part of why the healing worked so well. As healers we often forget how important our “bed side manner” is in gaining the co-operation of the inner self of the client, especially when related to inner child issues and old trauma. Sue definitely has this piece down, alongside a keen inner vision and insightful clairvoyance. Her work is very high in vibration and her guidance team very accurate and potent.  I highly recommend her work.”

-Christarael, San Rafael, CA


“Sue’s energy work, done across a couple of thousand miles, was remarkably insightful! The day after the treatment, my body felt lighter. Further, several of Sue’s chakra notations were on target, including the accurate statement that someone with the name “Mark” either was in my life previously or would be there later. I met someone with the name “Mark” four days after the treatment…”

-Catherine, New England


“My work with Sue has been enlightening and inspiring! I have had 2 long distance sessions with her.  During both sessions, I was aware of the energy running in my body.  After each time, Sue generously shared the insights and images she had received during the sessions.  She allowed me to use my own wisdom – very empowering – to discern whether or not her insights were meaningful to me, in my own way.  I am grateful to have connected with Sue, and I will use her work in the future.”

-Mary, Bay Area, CA


“I had just about given up on getting astrology readings because even my progressed chart seemed to offer no hope out of the stuck that I have felt for the past couple of years, but then I met Sue at Connect 2 Self.  She used her unique approach to show me how my chart aspects have played out in the relationships in my life and how I have already successfully integrated many of the more difficult natal aspects.  I actually walked away from my reading with her feeling like I have accomplished much of what I came here to do and with the knowledge that I am doing the right things to accomplish my future goals as well.

Sue’s approach is balanced and integrative:  she explains how the astrology has influenced relationships and life patterns and then she helps you to understand how to integrate and/or transcend those astrological aspects in order to get where you want to go. I highly recommend Sue – she is the perfect blend of knowledge, compassion, and integrity and offers a completely unique astrological perspective.”

-Lori Carter, Owner of Blissful Awakenings, Certified Akashic Record Practitioner, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Seichim Reiki II Practitioner, Past Life Regression Practitioner


“Turning the Corner… Energy abounds everywhere and we are constantly changing, cleansing and reassessing what we need. Seems like I have been cleansing on many levels for so long, it just became part of my daily routine. Lately I had the chance to connect with Sue for a energy work session. I had been guided to ask Sue about some pains in my feet due to physical cleansing. We set the session in the morning because we are on different time zones but in reality, we are all in tune on an energetic level no matter the time or place. During the session I relaxed and felt very peaceful. I had to go to work immediately after and went about my usual day. Later that afternoon/evening I felt like I had literally turned the corner on many things I had been working on internally.

When I got the notes the next day from Sue, it was amazing! Everything she perceived during the session resonated and the insights that Sue received were fabulous! Since that session I find it easier to get back to my center which is especially important for me as an empathic person. Things that had been worrisome prior to the session no longer hold as much energy. Other issues that seemed to linger no matter how much cleansing I had been doing disappeared completely – literally like turning a corner and no longer being able to view that scene any more. Reiki is a wonderful modality that is made even more powerful when someone such as Sue is the practitioner. I know that I will be booking more sessions in the future! Thank you Sue for your gift! Namaste.”

Deidre Lin, Photographer; Author, “Our Journey Within -the Bridge,” Phoenix, AZ


“I have found Sue’s distance healing work to be powerful and very helpful. Her intuitive take on what was going on with me was also very impressive. She helped me clear an issue that I had been having some challenges effectively dealing with myself. I didn’t even tell her about it initially, she just picked right up on it. I highly recommend her as an intuitive energy healing practitioner. Thank you again for your great work Sue!”

-Irma Kaye Sawyer, Bright Star Consulting Services, CA and Cyberspace 


“Thanks again for the fantastic astrology chart reading yesterday — I still am amazed at how accurately the alignment of planets reflects the experience of my life to date, and feel empowered with this information and a better understanding of my strengths to more fully embrace my life purpose. gratitude!

-Gina McLaughlin, Initiator of Boulder Reiki Community, Boulder, CO


“Sue’s sense of touch is both gentle and specific.  Her ability to tune into the spaces that seek healing and really listen to them as well as heal them is deep.  I couldn’t have felt more comfortable, or in better hands as I did with Sue.”

-Madison C., Boulder, CO


“The Reiki energy you sent has certainly worked for me. Most notably in how I see what is happening. Much more able to see things with clarity and in the “right” light. Thank you for caring!”

Denise McVea, San Antonio, TX


“From the moment I arrived at Sue’s studio for a Reiki treatment, I felt comfortable and connected with her presence. She sat with me, asked a few questions, and told me what to expect during the session. With soft music in the background creating a meditative ambiance, I slowly drifted into deep relaxation. I was keenly aware of the fields shifting around me as we progressed through the chakras. When the session was finished, it seemed as if a heavy weight had been removed from my spirit. Sue shared some insights that she gleaned from me during the treatment. She spoke of events from my past that had been blocking me for most of my life. They were all accurate. I was so positively affected by this treatment that I signed up for her Level 1 attunement class, which I have recently completed. I feel physically and emotionally transformed for the better because of the attunement. Sue’s energy work is real, and I am grateful to know her.”

Jeff R., Lyons, CO


“My sister gave me a distance energy work healing session with Sue for my recent birthday. It was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received. Since Sue “cleaned” my major chakras, I feel mentally lighter and less burdened with stress. I have noticed that minor annoyances don’t “get” to me. Best of all, I am more connected to the divine. I will definitely be scheduling regular tune-ups with Sue. I am a certified astrologer and have a MA in counseling psychology. If you are open to receiving, then Sue can help you. The work she does is real. Thank you to my sister!”

-Suzanne Z., Thousand Oaks, CA


“Sue’s energy worked like a chisel to loosen the beliefs I had formed when I was a child. She helped me see that the rules I had made up in order to survive were just myths and no longer necessary. With just one distant Reiki session with Sue, I felt lighter and taller. I stood straighter without thinking about it. And after two sessions, I am able to pause and think about what is happening before I respond. Sue’s energy, along with the book, The New Psycho-Cybernetics, has changed my thinking. Sue cleaned out the old to make room for the new. Without Sue, the book would have been just words. She helped me gain the wisdom.”

-Molly R., San Andreas, CA


“Sue is a delight to talk to. She has insight based on experience, that delights and guides me. I trust her wisdom and counsel. I would highly recommend her for any of her gifted qualities.”

-Debora Browley, Longmont, CO


“Finding who I am: Why I think the way I do –thru the stars. The astrology side of it for me came into a full circle when Sue explains. This was big for me! I have anxiety at times. After walking and talking with Sue I leave with the ahhh feeling, like melted chocolate washed away. She makes me feel like everything is understood, makes sense, and that it’s OK. Surprisingly at times it can only be one word Sue gives that makes the change for me, keeps my mind uncluttered from having too much information. Her listening skills are exceptional. She sees things clearly, views different perspectives, hits the nail on the head every time with a reply of common sense. Simplicity. She is clear, simple, easy, feel-good person to be with. Why would I recommend Sue? Because she is open-minded, well-rounded, and smart; she is a healer with knowledge in health, counseling, Reiki, and astrology. I feel that she fell into my path at the right time and place, then I ponder… Anytime would have been the right time.”

-Jessica A., Niwot, CO