How Reiki Helps Sue

Blossom with ReikiIt was a holy shit moment. That day Reiki gave me the best gift a bereaved mother could ever want: a connection to her lost child. During my Reiki I attunement, I heard my son say “Hello Mommy!” Jonah passed in 1996 as a 4-day-old newborn. I had connected with him once under hypnosis. This was how I knew his voice.

I originally took Reiki to learn self-healing. I have had tooth, back issues, headaches… I didn’t expect Reiki to work in such powerful and mystical ways. One long afternoon, two women and I related and learned to give Reiki. When my teacher Sarina attuned me, I “saw” red, the root chakra, in my mind and heard my son.  The red was induced by Sarina as a part of the initiation.

The magic of Reiki amazes and keeps on giving. After the level I attunement, there was a 21-day detox period. My back burned in the shower. Granted it could have been caused by hot water during the dry Colorado winter, but the burning stopped on the 22nd day. Sarina says I released a lot of burden on my back. Indeed. I feel lighter. I can now talk to Jonah whenever I want.

I invoke Reiki to relax in bed, to sleep. Especially after a stressful, computer-staring day. It has helped with teeth grinding. I rarely wake up with a sore jaw these days.

Deep relaxation with Reiki is a great way to cope with or possibly heal immune-related illnesses such as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and fibromyalgia. It gives the body a break from being on guard constantly, and may offer insights on how health can be improved. (I learned Reiki after I healed from MCS. I wish I had this tool when I was sick.)

Every morning, I turn on chakra healing music and stretch my back. I meditate with Reiki. I imagine a grounding cord connecting the base of my spine to the center of Earth, ask Archangel Michael for protection (to only let in energy that serves my highest good), hand-draw the Reiki symbols, and place my hands on each of the seven chakras to clear them.  I love the tingling in my hands, confirming that the Reiki is there.

I breathe and experience each chakra, asking for healing and guidance:
First: root/survival/red, seat of the spine;
Second: sacral/creativity, relationship to others/orange, the abdomen;
Third: solar plexus/personal power/yellow, the stomach;
Fourth: heart/emotional empowerment/green, chest/heart;
Fifth: throat/expression/cobalt blue, throat/mouth;
Sixth: third-eye/intuition/indigo, between the brows;
Seventh: crown/connection to Divine/violet, top of the head.

After checking each chakra’s colors and shape -making sure that they are round and happy- I brush down the angst, gunk released, and ask angels to compost it. I exhale and use one hand to direct energy upward, distributing vitality from the Earth.

Often I get messages, answers to questions, or inspirations for my work. The meditation is calming and wise.

Reiki also lets me help people in real time as I hear of illnesses or emotional challenges. I promote healing virtually or in person. I take joy in using Reiki because I love to share peaceful energy and alleviate suffering. It enables me to serve my calling.

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