Reiki Attunement

Blossom with Reiki

Why learn or get attuned for Reiki?
Help yourself, others, or pets deeply relax and get centered whenever you feel called to. Anyone who’s open to Reiki can learn to give a treatment. Once attuned, you can use it immediately. The Reiki attunement permanently raises your vibration, opens you spiritually and psychically. It is a gentle and compassionate energy that benefits both the practitioner and client when used.

What is a Reiki attunement?
An attunement is an initiation which involves meditation and receiving Reiki symbol(s) from a teacher, in this case Sue, a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Before the ceremony, the student gains knowledge and principles on intended level of training. With Sue, special attention is paid to mind-body connection and using intuition when giving Reiki. A short practice session follows the attunement to promote competency. Each student receives a manual and certificate for completion of class.

There are four levels in Reiki attunement. When you advance to the next level, you will receive new symbols for more ways to use Reiki and amplify its effectiveness. In-person or virtual attunement both works great.

Level 1
Learn history of Reiki, its principles, and how to conduct a session. Emphasis on the chakra system and mind-body connection. Receive the power symbol to give Reiki to yourself, pets, and others. Recommended for everyone age 12 and above.
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First time Reiki student or client required to acknowledge Disclosure Statement.

Level 2
Receive the emotional and distant healing symbols. Learn to discern, release emotional blockage, treat unwanted habits, and send Reiki remotely, as it transcends time and space. Bring a proxy (teddy bear or doll) to visualize the chakras and channel your healing intentions. Setting up a Reiki practice is discussed.
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Level 3a
What does it mean to be a Reiki Master? Embody Reiki in the day-to-day. The master symbol enlightens, protects, amplifies the power of the healing energy. Topics include microcosmic meditation, connection with your Reiki guides, usage of Tibetan antahkrana symbols, and creating a Reiki grid.
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Level 3b
Become a Master Teacher and attune others. Meditate with your Reiki teacher guide and practice the attunement ceremony. Topics include how to conduct a class, ethics of being a Reiki Master Teacher. Requires completion of Levels 1-3a.
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Have been attuned for Reiki before? Re-awaken and vitalize the Reiki energy within. A refresher on techniques and symbols. $165 Small Buy Now Button*

*Once payment is received, I will contact you to schedule the attunement. It is always a fabulous experience.


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