Relooking the Golden Rule

We know the Gold Rule: “Treat others as one would like to be treated.” Assuming you are not a selfish, egocentric person, how about “Treat yourself as you would treat others?”

Perhaps the energy of healing, compassion, boundary-blending, and cluelessness (Pisces/Neptune) is in the air. I find myself exhausted from giving away amble amount nurturing and attention lately. The giving resonates with my calling, and I am happy to do it. I made the choice consciously. I am fortunate that I have discovered the efficacy of Reiki -it indeed relieves physical pain and mental angst, sometimes even changes lives.

Instead of standing back and wish someone well, Reiki has empowered me to act to assuage suffering. It helps this initiating, enthusiastic triple-fire (in my natal chart) to help others. I can give treatments instead of feeling helpless -growing up in a soup of family discord, there is a script within that propels me to own a problem and solve it, whether it belongs to me. This algorithm needs some tweaking…

A cozy bed after sleeping in.

A cozy bed after sleeping in.

In addition to giving Reiki, there are mommy duties, home duties, and building a practice duties.  This weekend I sleep in and give myself a thorough Reiki healing. The stiff back softens, I feel centered, and am psyched to tackled a new week.

It is not really about Reiki. It is about treating others with goodwill and consideration thinking I am a endless source of such things. As I mindlessly feed my face with potato chips, I realize that maybe I need some thoughtfulness too. My fatigue calls me to discern where my boundary begins, to know when to quit, and to give myself some of that good stuff.

If you feel drained and exhausted -examine your Golden Rule. Maybe it’s time to take care of yourself like you take care of others. Then you are ready to give again. I am.

6 thoughts on “Relooking the Golden Rule

  1. ajkiffe

    Very true. So many of us give freely to others but not to ourselves. I will try harder this week to give something to me. Thanks, Sue.

  2. Paula

    Here is an area that we as women, healers, givers… need to give more focus to. Thanks for reminding me. My fall back to school resolution was to be better to me: getting a monthly massage or some other treatment (reiki, acupuncture, etc.). Thanks for reminding me to stay connected to self-care.

    1. Sue Wang Post author

      Thanks for visiting! This golden rule is a reminder for me as well. In the midst of publishing… And how we mothers/women nurture others as a default. Good for you to schedule some regular treats. Your inner child thanks you 😉

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