Write to Heal

2014-02-24 RewriteChap 11 001

In writing my memoir, I reflect on the circumstances and role I played in being sick. I learn to see the past from a different place. It is comforting to know that all intentions start out good—we do our best despite the outcome. I come away with compassion for myself and others.

What I figured out:
Perfectionism, anger helped me survive and achieve in younger years. It caught up with me. If I didn’t heed my body and connected within, I wouldn’t be here telling my story. I’d be living in an empty room with an air cleaner. I was dazed, queasy, and afraid of everything around me. It was full of dark nights of the soul. When I saw a glimpse of light, I went for it. Now my life is better than ever.

You can use writing to process life experiences and find self-understanding. Give yourself the time and consideration. I am honored to kickstart this journey with you.  CONTACT SUE


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