+SW MBR colorA teacher at heart, I shine the light on your way, then present insight and choices. After healing from a life-changing loss and a debilitating illness, I am called to share my story. It is so important to look inward and understand our emotional experiences while we strive for wellness. Through the mind-body-spirit lens, I wish for fellow travelers to reclaim the essence and power within.

I honed my writing, counseling, energy healing, and archetypal astrology skills during a 6.5 year stint in Boulder, CO. Before moving there, I was a senior career counselor and administrator at my alma mater Wellesley College. Now back in MA working full-time at another institution, I collaborate with future leaders at a larger scale. I loved connecting people to resources, teaching them the process of self-knowledge and finding meaningful ways to engage in the world. I have a master’s from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A reconnected mom, daughter, sister, life partner, and an immigrant to the U.S. at age 13, I bring awareness from a natural and holistic perspective. I’m honored to share what I distill from life with others.



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