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Visioning + Reiki
Like shamans in many spiritual traditions, I’ve been called to do revealing work along with Reiki. When I sit with a client’s energy, it is a visioning journey. Clients report that they find the images I share with them as or if not more helpful than the healing treatments. Somehow the visions talk very deeply to the root of the experience of the client, like in a deep and meaningful archetypal dream. With this, I shift energy patterns, remove blocks and cords. It is can be life-changing. I share how I do this in an article for Reiki practitioners.

What is receiving Sue’s energy work like?
People have reported deep relaxation, pain relief, emotional release, or even fallen asleep in a session. The Reiki continues to work regardless of the awareness state.

DISTANT  With set intentions, the treatment works remotely and transcends locality. We coordinate a time and I will send easy instructions to get ready before your appointment. You can lie down in the comfort of your home -all electronics off. You may feel similar sensations as the in-person treatment: tingling, warmth, relief, relaxation. Afterwards, I’ll email you an energy reading on the 7 chakras. Distant energy work, includes written insight and one email reply. $90  Small Buy Now Button*


*Once payment is received, I will contact you to schedule a session. Look forward to it!
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