+SueWangCroppedWhy I wrote my memoir. My guest blog post at Women’s Review of Books:
“I was raised in Taiwan and came to the US at age thirteen. I have plenty of cultural and familial baggage to stop me from sharing my tale. I knew the rules. Do not broadcast family ugliness (a Chinese proverb). Do not bring shame to the family. Be quiet, conform, suck it up and endure—that’s the righteous, humble way…” Read more.

Better Life though Mind, Body & Spirit
At health, relationship, or career crossroads? Just need relief? When in pain or yearning to grow, we can use extra care. Let’s gain insight into your way. The connection to your essence and inner child is key to a centered life. We can invoke guidance from spiritual sources, the cosmos, and within.

Check out my tool box, read my book and see how I came about reclaiming the power to thrive.

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